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The Sublime Art of Tantra: part 1

Tantra has been called the path of honey along a razors edge. This is not supposed to be some neat epitaph for kink or S&M induced highs in sub-space, though it often leads the honey to slip off in that direction hence this slogan being coined. If Tantra is just the worship of corporal sex until it become a gratuitous, habitual itch on a numbed body of worship needing more stimulation to flog an exhausted armature, how then is it any different from following the innate subconscious meme of our collective sexual time line? The ‘Art’ of Tantra is the sublimest of all arts, even as tantra touches the very source of beauty; true non-dual divinity, from which supreme love all other forms of beauty we can know as arts issue forth. Sublimation is at the very heart of Tantra in the same way Krsna’ subtle Vashik magnetism lead others to surrender in love rather than by the heavy jack boot of modern domination.

To illustrate the path of sublimation I will divide the Tantric path into parts or stages, similar to Patanjali’s 8 fold path of Ashtanga yoga. Although the body of this path may have several limbs they are all integral to its being. All are needed but sublimation of the art entails a progression through the body Tantra to its realisation, just as in Ashtanga yoga first we learn to refrain from expressing untruth, then later learn to hold posture, etc, in order to be able to master the breath so we can then withdraw the senses to a point of concentrative absorption through which to enter samadhi: the goal and definition of yoga. We would not wish to remain at the level of asana as this would not achieve the yoga anymore than stopping on a bridge would entail meaningful purpose. Tantra is also a yoga and can be understood as a systemic unfoldment in this same way.

The initial stage of Tantra will concern an exploration of our sexuality and lead to healing of trauma, wounds and limitations until we can express a full and healthy sex life. This has been classified as ‘Neo-Tantra’ in recent times in the global context of Tantra and there are truths and fallacies about that generalism. But generally it is true that Neo-Tantra is dealing with this. What is false is that, that form of sexual healing is irrelevant. In both hemispheres of our world there is a profound need for sexual healing and an integral Tantra cannot unfold unless we include the current Neo-Trantric healing. At issue is the vision of Tantra as an integral path of spiritual awakening and realisation which gives us a concept of of sublimation. If the people of the world would engage a more vivified, radiant and joyful sex life our world would be a better place, but the need would then be to unpack the higher octave of sublimity within that vivacity so not to reach a burned out satiety. We contend with this in the current microcosm of our own Tantric laboratories as both individuals and groups and so it will be left to those who wish to pioneer wider macrocosmic joy to blaze a trail to higher, more sublime spheres of the Tantraverse.

Through the concept of sublimation, similarly understood through Bhutashuddhi or the Laya Yoga absorption of elements into each other along a causal hierarchy, as the chain of Tattva’ in Shaivite traditions, we can understand that, after the ‘adolescent’ phase of the Tantric archetype has drunk its fill there there will be a progression from that satiated experience to a more subtle level of Tantra. The journey will progress along the territory which the Maha Deva has laid out from which our individual elemental deva’s and Deva are formed. Through the elements and spheres we descended and in turn reascend along a path of sublimation.

Tantra is a subtle art but begins where we are. There need be no judgment of where we are for its is better to start where one is than not start at all and since one can only begin at the present point, the so called Neo-Tantra is a perfect beginning for most. Through the perception of Tantric cosmology we gain an awareness of its sublime nature and can understand the evolution from Neo to Eternal Tantra. Just as we must watch for stasis in satiation of the base elements we must also consider the obstacle of Tantric religious glamour in the midrange elements. It is as easy for the ego to become a fetishist at either of these stations, through different trappings but with the same motivation. Tantra is a ‘science’ of sublimation which can be applied to sex as much as it can be applied to religion, however it is also a unique art which is beyond these protocols.

Tantra is a realisation of subtlety. One need not engage coitus or Sahaj Maithuna, one need not worship a deity outside of ones-self. One need not be this or that. The Lingam is the Yoni and the Yoni is the Lingam, eternally one. The physical organs of our sex are fashioned from the same essence like a sock which is either filled with fluid and becomes a tube of fullness or an empty sock which is a vulva or receptive void, these organs are one and the same. Hence the eternal compulsion of sexual magnetism. Mankind is Androgyne, one like Shiva-Shakti and in our supra sexual organ of the mind we have a gland called Pineal, relating to the crown chakra matrix within which the guru chakra sits, or the causal body of theosophists, we know this intuitively and that point of intuition guides us as a race to both survive and evolve. This causal body is a Yoni and the pineal point is a Linga. The Shiva Linga sits atop our minds making us think of sex constantly, not so we should be wanton creatures, but that we should realise that sex is divine and god is sex even as the entirety of all is a sexual act. Tantra is an art of sublimation which requires a scientific approach to render complete realisation of its / our innate supra-sexual completeness.

The famous Yoni Mudra expounds, through varied commentaries, that the Yoni is the door to wisdom. We can consider this in relation to Yoni as Buddhi or beauty of Para-magnetic Shakti and that she, Buddhi as wisdom goddess is the sublime feminine nature of us all, man and woman. Both Yoni Mudra and Shiva Himself tell us to contemplate the Yoni always, or in other words we could say to look up to the Buddhi eye of wisdom as utmost ornament of beauty. The contemplation of our innate inner cosmology as a supra-sexual Andgrogyne is not a basic concept, it is a sublime reality and though the Yoni chakra is on the end of physical Linga and Linga is on the vulva’s clit, the contemplation of Shiva-Linga as one at the Crown chakra is the sublime art of Tantra

In our next article we will discuss, just how much sex is enough in relation to addiction and the grail of core Gaian Shakti.

For a more detailed exegesis of Violet Diamond Tantra see: ‘The School of Love~Awareness: Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology’…


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Niilalohita Mani Tantra and Astrological Initiation

   From the Sanskrit meaning-

Nila: Covering of dark-blue garmet, Intense love, epithet of Shiva.

Lohita:of a purple / red-violet and/or dark-blue / indigo colour, epithet of Rudra. Buddhi, visable  darkness. Lightning vehicle, early dawn / the first dawn of day, one of the nine treasures / treasure of time, an auspicious sound, violet-blue vitriol.

Mani: Gem, Jewel, Seed, bead, clitoris gland / yoni, magnet, crystal, eye.

Tantra: Tattva – Mantra:

Tattva: casual sound of divine element, principle, essence.

Mantra: causal intellegent sound, sacred sound.

Tantra: Warp of sacred sound space matter, essence.

Whether we consider the 36 tattvas of Shaivism, the Hermetic planes and spheres, the Vedas, Surya Siddhanta or the Neo Vedantic Theosophical derivative thereof, whether we consider the Buddhist inter-beingness in akashic unity or the various shamanic cosmologies, etc. Of Khemetic esoterisism or Pleiadean geometric psychonautics, all systems are indicative of an order of scales and attributes of cosmic magnitude such that when we contemplate tantra as ‘Tattva-Mantra’ or sacred sound space, we can understand that insodoing we deal with a macrocosmic perspective through our own microcosm. That we therefore also expand on this path of tantra even as the universe itself, and that, through the element of subtle sound is a clearly implicit cosmology.


This expansion leads us from our present localisation of focus on the homogenic plane of personal-sexual and social beingness, awakening out into greater spheres of universal life. As we enter the broader space of Akasha we are confronted with the edges of our perception. Even as we gaze in wonder at the starry night and that black canopy of lights cast over our tiny earth, it does little good to concede that she is a great goddess in whom we are living, unless we can touch her reality. It does little good for the distressed child to watch a mother on television when it needs her warm presence and breast to suckle on in order to grow. When we look into the blackness of night or the darkness of the inner planes, our first concern is with sight.

Meru Chakra

Lets consider that the Logoic space is not black but rather a deep violet. That white light is also violet light is suggested as given out in the default frequencies of that grand torrid, aetheric matrix we call sahasrara chakra (see for more info). Light is white light and / or transparent light when radiating toward our perception but violet when condensing away from our perception. When light condenses fast we think its black due to lack of inner vision. Space / the aetheric plane is violet not black. Our physical eyes are calibrated to deal with the plane of reality our physical world vibrates on, otherwise without spiritual the maturity of discernment we would be in chaos and confusion. The physical eyes deal with the world of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air and our awareness, or buddhi, functions through the universal akasha appearing to us as the transparent / invisible space within which we use our basic sense organs. So natural is this that we do not consider consciousness as an element like the basic four.


It is the spiritual eye of Nous or Buddhi which, as an effulgence of magnetic fluid, radiates into the akasha of our causal bodies and plane of space en masse, through which we see on these lower planes and also through which sight becomes possible for us on the inner planes. This buddhi, or pure love awareness, is clothed in violet light and is a result of subtle sound, or essential spiritual electricity (aatma, aatma-ta and paramaatma-ta). Violet diamond tantra uses this pre-given universal causal body of violet light / buddhic light and Aatmic sound as a tantric supra chakra for the exploration of inner space, facilitating psychonautic travel in our lesser and greater universal bodies.


The Violet Diamond Chakra is cultivated though the practices of the Violet Diamond path. The chakra can be understood through both the analogy of a person and a light bulb. The spiritual / electrical energy penetrates the bulb, the person or all space matter and vivifies it with life energy. This results in light or a burning and stimulation of the material concerned, the bulb, the person, all material in our universe. When life penetrates matter it results in awareness or light. Life, Love, Light. This happens through the medium of space, throughout all space or akasha, which is violet. Akasha is the medium through which sound or Aatma penetrates Shakti or magnetic fluid and creates the effulgent radiation of buddhi or awareness, whether in us, other beings or the universe on mass. The universe is sex. Sex is consciousness.


The unfolding path of tantra as a journey in consciousness can be understood in many ways or through many of its synthetic correlations. The planetary spheres are one of such obvious relevance that can help us understand the levels of tantric unfoldment we are offered in a solar system of 8 major astral spheres, including of course, our terrestrial earth. This brief essay aims to clarify something of the practical cosmological position of Violet Diamond Tantra and establish an understanding of its contemplative processes and their relevance.

Niilalohita_mani.copy (copy)

Earth Sphere

Our time in the earth sphere will concern the basics of tantra in relationship to the basic material of the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Aether (the Mahabutas) in their pure essential nature as divine ideas as well their contaminated aggregations in our personal bodies. This level of tantra is the beginning and here we ‘heal’ our elemental bodies, through catharsis, collective journeying, narrative and adoption of tantric mythology. On this path we progress to a mastery of our elemental bodies and also gain experience of their causal source, the electric and magnetic fluids, the signets of male and female sexual polarity.


Tests involve mastery of elements and their bodies; physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal. This relates uniquely to the karma’s and samskara’s were have developed through use of the these 5 elemental bodies.


Lunar Sphere

Entering into more overt relationship with the moon sphere we learn about the magic of love, or at this level the polarity of Electro-magnetic spiritual fluids and how their dynamisism perpetuated the universal tantra, through using our own purified elemental bodies as a working laboratory. Hence the purification of the mahabutas is a required foundation for success in this second sphere, even as all spheres evolve dependent on the tests past in preceding spheres. All sphere simultaneously express an influence on all tantra, but our intentional journey through human initiation in the spheres follows a chronology. In our human tantrology then, the lunar sphere allow a first profound creation of balance between polarity, built on a mature elemental balance and allow us to enter samadhi and awaken the initial spark of mental initiation. The tests involve the correct use of creation in the lower aethers of the 5 elements, mastery of electromagnetism and freedom from illusion.


Mercurial Sphere

Mercury is the realm of mind and our time spent in samadhi is a pre-calibrated immersion in this sphere as it is the systemic mental body. Regardless of religion or practice, samadhi in all human being in our system is achieved through the perfect balance of polarity / duality / breath, which allow the consciousness or nous atom to leave the flux of ida and pingala and enter sushuma. When this mastery of polarity is developed and protracted, if built upon elemental balance in the bodies / chakra’s, then samadhi is attained an certain voltages of the Electromagnetic kundalini ascend up through and out of the aperture of the nirvana chakra into Sahasrara sphere to a fixed point in Guru chakra, the causal lotus. It is only when we begin to spend quality time in this state of samadhi that the mental body develops and direct knowledge is gained. Learning then advances more in one life time than countless other lives spent under the lid of delusion and sleep.


The mastery of polarity and tantra now happen on a transcendent and transpersonal level outside the crown chakra which can be understood as a realisation of cosmic Shiva linga, which is then brought down into the elemental bodies to to shared with lover and world as lover. All degrees of tantric evolution from this point on are transpersonal but can precipitate the personal sphere as is given through the magnetic compulsion of the next, Venusian sphere where the divine idea of the perfection of the human soul compels us both to return to love and to transcend love in order to become more completely human.


Tests involve the correct use of the mental body as a vehicle which can perceive inherent ontological and epistemology validity (Which is gained by mastery of samadhi) and gradual transfiguration of the lower elemental vehicles of the 5 elements and E-M fluids in the light of truth which Mercury is given to refract, whether in our microcosmic systems or the systemic solar system we are part of on our planet earth. The test of mercury are only possible if those of the lunar and terrestrial spheres are passed.


Venusian Sphere

Through the above development, mental essence is precipitated down from the causal bindu point in Guru chakra to the purified elemental bodies and their chakra’s. This catalyses an inner alchemy which awakens the true mental, astral, etheric and latterly physical bodies. As this first real initiation into transpersonal growth develops, the evolving consciousness fits its self out to ascend higher to the frequency of Venus. In this sphere perfection of polarity on all the human levels and in all the elemental bodies is rendered and the person is tested through Venusian trails of love, wisdom and power which can qualify then ego to develop and embody the causal body or soul. As this growth is achieved in the spiritual bodies of the initiate it in turn precipitates the experience of the personal life and becomes concrete evolutionary fact in the nature of that person. The Venusian sphere is where we learn of our first galactic human soul and achieve a preview of the later journey we will make through the Jupiter sphere to perfect our human monad. The triadal nature of the causal bodies Love Light and Life is a refraction of that greater Love Light and Life of the monad.


Here tantrology and perfect mastery of duality is leaned and when embodies in human form through precipitation of laya tantra. The magic of sex is now so profound that one need not use the physical body because the eyes alone can cause an atmagasmic trance of ineffable sublimity and that the realisation which consciousness has now unfolded into is of a transpersonal, transhuman universal love; Self realisation as the cosmic Shiva Linga, one universal non-dual being loving itself(s).

The tests of Venus concern lust for all that is lustable. The powers which can secure desire or bind those to desire, as well as the greater potencies of creation itself built upon the mental science of Mercury. Those powers in the Venusian sphere are more vivacious due to her significance as sphere of love energy. Discipline and maturity need to be the foundation, especially for the tantric initiate who would develop the maturity of this consciousness, but for those who do, profound secrets of sexual alchemy, creative science and humanity await.


Systemic Solar Sphere

The Causal body, having reached a level of perfection is now cooked in the solar fire to complete that purification by burning away all that is not able to stand in the love light and life of truth, as a preparation for the maturity to be crystalised in Jupitean maturity. All the scaffolding and preparation are now burnt away and the human entity is tested and smelted to a degree of integral purity which can be called truly humane. In this sphere the unit is connected to the fires of her sister sun, Sirius and Pleiades. A revelation of the human soul is implicated via unification which the cosmos. The soul is perfected by the fire of Logos and given the fiery seed with which to master the next sphere and insodoing the right to claim its true power as Monad of Logos. The tantra has allowed a cultivation and development of the threefold fire of kundalini, through sexual friction, solar love and spiritual being through the preceding spheres, perfected in Venusian aethers and tested in Solar fires. This kundalini, or Human soul is now fitted for the trails of Mars.


The initiate is now someone in the hierarchy of our system and has to deal with this fact and what it entails as an egoic circumstance of valid comparison. These test of solar / logoic light are more severe than the former and again require considered maturity. The solar Logoic fire burns away all falsification and vanity and leaves on what is true and truly wise. This appears differently in different souls through different ages, but the qualifying fact is a solar wisdom which has a radiance, warmth and life which Venus could only refract. Emerging from these fires the initiate, if not dissolved completely, is purified and vivified to continue her/his journey.

causal sun

Martian Sphere

In this sphere the power of the ego, the causal body and monad are synthesised by trails of power to render a spiritually mature embodiment of will in perfect balance with love and wisdom which is what qualifies and distinguishes the human spirit. To describe these experience would distort and confuse their reality and books have been written on the subject. Since this essay concerns tantric cosmology in our spheres, what what can know about this tract of the progressive awakening is that the Martial fires finnish the work of the Solar fires. The spirit is either purified or not. If not is must stay at the level of Mars or bellow and tests those who would follow it to Jupiter. If success then it moves to the next sphere. The precipitation of this degree of fire is so potent that without Monadic qualification it would simply be a destructive force, hence we are not concerned with this as evolving tankrika’s.


However, the destructive elements which lay in the sacral chakra are a Martian fire and we can begin to balance this by understanding that, collectively the paternal hegemony of our world is empowered by that angry, hungry Martian seed lacking Monadic love and wisdom. That our world needs rehydrating by the magnetic love of the female polarity to thwart this destructive masculine electricity exists as a collective planetary issue. Trantra, if practice in balance and with awareness, can allow such a healing of mankind through a healing of our female archetypes by embracing the magnetic fluid of love. The tests of Martial fire can qualify the human being to become the universal power it is as monad.


Jupitean Sphere

Here the Monad, or preeminent human spiritual essence is perfected in divine the triadal powers of Love Light Life. This power, brought down through vehicles purified by true spiritual initiation is so powerful than, again, it precipitates entire planes of consciousness loving them as meta bodies of beloved Devas and Dakinis, mankind, as emerging solar seeds and monads, or just vague personalities as well as all other life waves, atoms, et all are loved in the process. Tantra is now cosmic. The test of Jupiter are concerned with the perfection of selfless service to the degree of perfect monadic embodiment. We can only know this through the lives of great Christed initiates.


Saturnian Sphere

The test of detachment, power, time, space, illusion, magic and all essences of all spheres, including the avatarhood of the monad, are brought to bare upon the monad here that it may taste absolution and fit itself to go beyond the Fault of eternity, the edge of our greater systemic sphere, the complete solar initiation and journey onward as a real human being, a Logoic qualified monad. Nothing can be said or understood about that reality other than if taken into samadhi at a sufficient level in the Solar of Jupitean spheres.


Tantra is a cosmic path, even as the universe is a sexual being. Whether our own personal universe or the greater universe within which we are mere atoms of. Duality and non-duality are realities and this is seen in the Shiva Linga. This cosmic symbol holds the essence of tantric realisation. It takes us from working with our basic elemental bodies, healing their integrity along the time lines of our narrative as well as unfolding into a more subtle contemplative and deeper meta intimacy. Both ends of this journey are what make it whole, what make us as wayfarers, human.

Extract from book: Niilalohita Mani tantra

© 2014 Niilalohita Mani Tantra

For more information of the path of Violet Diamond Tantra see The School of Love~Awareness: Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology’ and the soon to be published ‘Niilalohita Mani tantra.

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Shiva Linga

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Nīlalohita Mani Tantra

One Book Finishes another one begin…. Editing has been completed on the first School of Love~Awareness publication, ‘Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology. Which is available on our main site _www.schoolofloveawareness.com_ Whilst the inevitable post edit editing continues, from the flames and ashes of that project a phoenix rises:

Nīlalohita Mani Tantra (Violet Diamond Tantra) unfolds a path of spiritual tantra which embraces the root of suffering and the apex of liberation in one transcendent yet embodied embrace, making the ineffable formatively immanent within our elemental bodies. The Violet Diamond path unfolds transpersonal contemplative practices which include, Violet Diamond Heart Practice, Violet Diamond Tantra, Violet Diamond Laya tantra and Violet Diamond Space Clearing. In this practical volume these practices, each through 3 levels of integral development are discussed in practical and spiritual terms, with reference to the everyday issues we face as human beings, the transcendent core of our spiritual Self as humanity and in context to the tapestry and continuum of tantra both new and old. Drew has been researching, developing and teaching this Tantra from the super mundane spiritual planes within through to the mundane stage of events for 30 years. Available soon….


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Violet Diamond Tantra

The practice for adults -Violet Diamond Tantra- means the ‘focused (Diamond) – skill of (tantra) – transformation of desire – (violet)’. It is not overtly sexual, but concerns its self with natural human vital energy, which has been invested into, and become the suffering, through unwise desire and its transformation into lasting joy.

Desire and aversion are the two causal poles of stress in human experience. This is because a lack of true discernment leads us to see the unreal as the real, the changing as the changeless, the impotent of joy as the eternal joy. Everyone is subject to this stress until wisdom releases them. The very young and the very old. Even animals are subject to wanton desire of happiness or instinctual fear of suffering. Desire and aversion are the traps of the poles in the field of un-wisdom. Tantra is the skill of using these traps themselves to find true happiness, transfiguring one’s ignorance and attachment into realisation. Thus desire becomes tangible satisfaction, the path becomes joy and not suffering and the human spirit is incarnated in the matter which had been occupied previously as the ground of un-wisdom and suffering.

Humans, as opposed to all other life forms we know of, have two unique and distinct faculties in relation to desire. The ability to formulate second order desires, which makes the field of tension potentially more intense, and the ability to use the mind to discern what the nature of things are. This human condition is largely informed by the former and sustained by ignoring the real transpersonal structures of desire and mind. Being perpetuated through a lack of discernment, thus the human condition is changeable through skillful use of discernment and transformation practices such as Violet Diamond Tantra.

Stress takes form from the ground of the full consciousness or soul, which is the real Self. The ego then refracts a bit of this soul, investing in desire and enjoyment and forgetting its true self satisfied wholeness. This is the beginning of stress, as the things invested in exist as part of a changing world. As the identifications with lesser joys deepen, so does the stress. During this involvement there is a sense, a recollection inside, as if a distant echo in a deep valley of potent and real bliss. To know this comparison in the psyche is suffering. VDT takes these fragments of oneself and re-aligns them by transpersonal science to reveal the real Self, the soul-consciousness to the ego, and how it became refracted, involved and identified with stress.


Unconscious desire is both the result and course of misperception and the means to achieving true perception. Given the right tools any one can master the stress of desire and aversion, and use it to create the joy of true satisfaction. True discernment of the nature of things can take time to develop. Violet Diamond Tantra is an experiential, educational process which releases the consciousness investment in un-wisdom quickly and joyfully. This experiential satisfaction enables one to release the stress of grasping and attachment to the stream of endless desires.

This is important on two levels initially. Firstly it allows one to breathe and relax from the tyranny of stress and experience happiness. Secondly, as desire and stress are transformed the mind in turn is freed to perceive clearly without always being coloured by the filter of desires and the burden of stress. Furthermore the un-wisdom is more clearly seen through the greater consciousness energy available. The mind is also more easily brought to concentration since the senses are not frantically occupied with their objects of attraction. As desire is employed wisely and transmuted into true joy, the clear perception that is developed generates a light of wisdom which can be focused by the mind to empower more deeply the process of desire transformation. The process catalyses its own acceleration. If one can master the deepest desire of the personality, then, one’s energies are stress free.

Tantra is a way of disentangling oneself from the stressful fabric of desire which our material age and its commercial values have become, and finding true satisfaction. Violet Diamond Tantra resolves the issue of modern stress and replaces inferred commercial values with a realisation of true human values and the value of being human. Tantra seeks to enhance every aspect of life, to make it a means of entering profound lasting satisfaction through the medium of joy by the transformation of stress. Tantric practice is a means of experiencing the true satisfaction of spiritual connectedness through joy.

Violet light bridges coloured rays into transparent light; lower frequencies are absorbed into higher as their speeds are increased. The speed of violet light in the nervous system is experienced as joy. Violet is the highest frequency of light before the sum of synergy in it becomes a white light whose filament creates the field of transparent awareness. Violet contains all colours before they become transparent. The true perception that grows from tantra is a solution to social tensions which have their basis in misperception and hasty reaction to others. Learn this

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